We channel years of experience providing value-adding solutions, technologies, and services that drive the energy industry — and the world — forward.

At Shell Catalysts & Technologies, innovation lies at our core. We empower the industry with leading technology, catalysts, comprehensive solutions and proven expertise. In doing so, we’re transforming energy through progressive upstream and downstream technologies, extensive and collaborative services and support, and trusted, reliable, and unrivaled expertise.

Our Solutions

  • Advanced catalysts for refining and petrochemicals

    We have a range of catalysts with a specific focus on hydrogenation, oxidation, renewable fuel, and environmental catalysts and systems.

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  • Progressive upstream and downstream technologies

    Our experts help you identify opportunities in your refinery to maximize profitability and navigate the energy transition.

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  • Extensive & collaborative services & support

    Improve refinery performance, operations, catalyst utilisation, and more by leveraging our team and refinery services.

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The Promise of Shell Catalysts & Technologies

We work closely with you to develop a fundamental understanding of your challenges and objectives. By incorporating decades of Shell’s owner-operator experience and expertise, we provide the innovative and optimized catalysts, technologies, and services that unlock the ability for you to improve your operations and increase your ROI.