Technical solutions

Our commitment to Research & Development (R&D) in bitumen has enabled us to bring numerous firsts to the industry such as coloured binders, low-temperature solutions, low-odour bitumen and underwater glue. We hold 49 patents in bitumen technologies alone, a testament to our innovations in bitumen.

“My team of world-renowned technical specialists deliver technical services to customers across the Globe. Technology is at the heart of everything we do.”

Prof John Read, General Manager Technology, Shell Bitumen

Innovation and technical support

Innovation is the lifeblood of Shell Bitumen’s growth, and we are committed to helping our customers meet their goals through cutting-edge technology. This is evidenced by our continued investment in R&D, and our global network of technical experts. Our dedicated Bitumen Solution Centres provide excellent technical support before, during and after product application. Their world-class facilities in diagnostics and sample testing are made available through our field engineers who work collaboratively with our customers around the world.

The future of our industry

At our international R&D centre located in Bangalore, experts monitor the evolving needs of the bitumen industry and undertake cutting-edge research to help our customers meet the challenges they face now and in the future. We are working on new manufacturing solutions with improved performance, cost and environmental benefits to meet the needs of the industry.

Areas of research include low-temperature solutions offering the potential for lower production CO2 emissions, enhanced asphalt workability, crumb rubber modified bitumen and odour reduction. As well as the continued evolution of previously developed technologies including polymer modified bitumen, multigrade bitumen, bitumen emulsions, synthetic bitumen, bio-bitumen, industrial bitumens as well as a number of asphalt developments such as conductive and active asphalt.

Success through collaboration

Our dedicated team of field engineers and regional technology solution centres are available to support our customers throughout the project lifecycle.

How we collaborate:

  • Technical advice on meeting regulations and specifications.
  • Asphalt mixture and pavement design.
  • Product testing – pre and post application.
  • Regulatory requirements integrated into quality control procedures.
  • Technical training for your staff.
  • Problem-solving, investigations, sample testing.
  • Technology licensing.
  • Development of bespoke bitumen solutions.

Our engineers are also keen to learn about our customers’ technical challenges so they can pass them to our R&D scientists who are working on the next generation of products and technologies.

Your trusted technical partner

Issues can occur during or after application even when a product meets specifications, which can lead to challenging situations with significant implications for the reputation and finances of our customers.

Our field engineers are trusted technical partners and will advise on ways of dealing with issues should they arise, and can provide assistance in preparing responses to project owners and suppliers.

Press Releases

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