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High and consistent product quality

Shell Bitumen is known for its high and consistent product quality.

Our field-based Technical Specialists understand the customer’s quality and regulatory requirements and integrate them into our quality control procedures.

We have invested heavily in operational and supply excellence and have many years of experience in leveraging our supply chain to our customer’s advantage. Our comprehensive quality assurance programme enables us to monitor quality of the product throughout the supply chain. This helps our products meet specifications within the customer’s agreed range.

Supply security and reliability

With refineries, plants and depots around the world, we are able to source materials from a far-reaching geography to meet supply commitments and help mitigate the risk to our customers of regional supply volatility. Our in-house operations team strive to ensure our customers get the right product, on specification, at the right time to avoid any potential delays to our customers’ project. We aim to have win-win relationships with our customers. Options of short- to long-term supply contracts coupled with reliable depot/terminal operations are designed to give our customers security of supply where and when they need it.

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Price risk management

Our team of highly skilled Sales and Marketing professionals make your business their business.

They will endeavour to understand your commitments and deliverables and work with you to mitigate your potential risks related to cost and supply of bitumen with customised solutions. Our industry-leading solutions such as risk-managed pricing with fixed or flexible volume commitments have already helped hundreds of customers in managing short- and long-term risks linked to supply and price volatility.

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Cutting-edge technical support

Our dedicated Bitumen Solution Centres in China, France and Thailand aim to provide outstanding technical support before, during and after application. Their world-class diagnostics and sample testing facilities allow our front-line Technical Specialists to work collaboratively with you and, in addition, to advise on issues concerning regulations, specifications and emerging technology trends. At our international research and development centre located in Bangalore, experts monitor the evolving needs of industry and undertake cutting-edge research to find fit-for-purpose solutions to address the challenges of the future.

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Featured stories

Shell Bitumen products

Shell Bitumen products are tailored to meet the needs of asphalt manufacturers, road builders, construction, government, communities, asset owners, designers and architects. They are designed to offer usable and effective solutions for a wide variety of markets.

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