Delivering bitumen solutions for long-lasting roads

Marine, rail and air transport links all play a vital role in the global economy, but road networks are arguably the most critical infrastructure for point-to-point connectivity. A comprehensive, well maintained and efficient road system is a vital enabler for economic development, and as such is one of the largest national infrastructure assets for many countries.

An industry under pressure

This growth in demand creates opportunities for the industry, but also represents a challenge in successful execution of road construction projects. Contractors, civil engineers and asset owners are all facing significant pressures and these include:

  • Elevated traffic volumes, speeds and axle weights on all road types.
  • Increasingly adverse climate conditions resulting in higher maintenance costs.
  • The economic impact of disruptions leading to shorter maintenance windows.
  • Stringent requirements around health, safety, social and environmental issues.
  • Asset owners with restricted budgets needing long-lasting roads.

In addition to these pressures, any challenges on the supply of high-quality bitumen can further cause cost overruns, delays or even financial penalties for construction companies. Shell understands these issues and works with partners across the road construction industry to develop solutions that are designed to address the challenges of today and tomorrow.

Leaders in technology

Shell’s commitment to continued innovation and technical expertise in bitumen is evidenced by our three regional Bitumen Solution Centres, a world-class global Bitumen R&D centre and local technical support. Our dedicated Shell Bitumen Solution Centres work with customers to develop solutions to meet and exceed their requirements for safe and durable highways, urban and rural roads.

All products supplied through our network undergo robust quality testing and assurance to help our customers deliver on their commitments. Shell Bitumen’s products have been used to pave some of the world’s most iconic infrastructure projects, including the runways at some of the world’s busiest airports, Formula One™ race tracks and landmark roads and bridges around the world.

Shell has a portfolio of high-performance products developed to help customers build long-lasting roads. With refineries, plants and depots around the world, Shell is able to source materials from a wide-reaching geography to meet specifications and supply commitments and to mitigate the risks of regional supply volatility. Our in-house operations team strive to ensure customers get the right product, on specification, at the right time, every time. We can also help to manage price risks with a range of pricing mechanisms that enable customers to plan your business.

Press Releases

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High-performance products

Decades of worldwide experience as a leading bitumen supplier have led to the development of high-performance products like the Shell Cariphalte range of polymer modified binders.

These advanced products, manufactured by blending selected high-performing polymers with carefully chosen base bitumen, are designed to offer adaptability, durability and reliability and to provide you with the solution you want for the job you need to do.

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