Towards a cleaner paving industry

We’re committed to helping our customers meet society’s growing demand for products that deliver sustainability without compromise. Building on more than 20 years of asphalt innovation, we’re constantly developing new ideas that empower customers to act now.

A growing portfolio that enables waste and pollution reduction

  • LT Solutions – Low temperature performance

    LT Solutions – Low temperature performance

    Our specially designed binder solution works at production temperatures up to 30°C lower than conventional asphalt.

  • Shell Bitumen LT R – Low temperature advantages

    Shell Bitumen LT R – Low temperature advantages

    Shell Bitumen LT R retains all the benefits that come from the lower production and laying temperatures of LT technology.

  • LT Solutions – Reducing emissions and more

    LT Solutions – Reducing emissions and more

    This reduces heating – and therefore emissions – and improves workability and drying time to allow roads to re-open sooner. All with no compromise on surface performance and durability.

  • Shell Bitumen LT R – Tackling the plastic waste challenge

    Shell Bitumen LT R – Tackling the plastic waste challenge

    By using waste plastic that has been converted into a bitumen additive, Shell Bitumen LT R saves on the use of virgin materials and embraces circular thinking. As well as helping meet targets on reducing landfill waste and incineration, the surface itself can be recycled at the end of its life.

  • LT Solutions – Key benefits

    LT Solutions – Key benefits

    • Reduce emissions with less heating needed and long lasting, recyclable surfaces
    • Control costs with reduced energy consumption and greater laying efficiency
    • Optimise operations with longer opening
  • Shell Bitumen LT R – Key features

    Shell Bitumen LT R – Key features

    • Easy to mix
    • Evenly dispersed
    • Stable

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The first European road test

In its first European trial, Shell Bitumen LT R is demonstrating its environmental and operational benefits in one of the UK’s harshest road environments. In a pilot commissioned by Cumbria County Council working with construction partner Hanson, close to 500 tonnes of asphalt were laid in a region of the county with a diverse mix of altitudes and temperatures. Performance monitoring is now underway.

Shell Bitumen worked alongside engineering consultants WSP and Adept Live Labs on the trial, with a collective objective to bridge knowledge gaps in both the public and private sectors, and to enable evidence-based decision making in the adoption of new technology. Performance monitoring is now underway.

Cumbria County Councillor Keith Little commented, "What is fundamental to this pilot…is the huge volume of waste plastics which are stopped from going into landfill…a major benefit to Cumbria and the UK"

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Listen to the Engineering Matters podcast episode ‘The Circular Road’, where Shell Bitumen’s Global Technology Development Manager Richard Taylor, and Giles Perkins, Head of Future Mobility at leading engineering consultants WSP, discuss the objectives and successes of the first European LT R trial in Cumbria.

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Shell Bitumen compact

Designed to help improve asphalt compaction and keep binders workable for longer.

Shell penetration grade Bitumens

PEN-grade bitumens for the world’s roads.

Shell Bitumen RC

Our Shell RC binder is specially formulated to work in combination with reclaimed asphalt materials, without compromising on surface resistance or durability.