Shell Bitumen LT

Not all roads can easily be closed for repairs. If you’re looking for a fast turnaround, opt for Shell Bitumen Low Temp (LT).  It’s specially designed to work at production temperatures up to 30oC lower than conventional asphalt. By reducing the heating energy consumed Shell Bitumen LT helps roads reopen to traffic earlier than conventional bitumen, so they can be back to business as usual for everyone.

Helping reduce asphalt manufacturing energy consumption

We’ve got more than 20 years’ of expertise in solutions designed to help reduce energy consumption during asphalt manufacturing. That’s why we’re particularly proud of Shell Bitumen LT. In helping to reduce your heating energy consumption and in turn the related CO2 emissions, it has been shown to generate saving 0.9ltrs of heating oil and up to 2.4kg of CO2 emissions per tonne of asphalt*.

Lowering the mixing temperatures for Shell Bitumen LT can also reduce the risk of thermal oxidisation and binder ageing, which can lead to premature ageing and asphalt cracking. So if you’re working at government level, you could see longer-term cost efficiencies, too.

Low temp for PEN and premium grade bitumen

Shell Bitumen LT is available as an additive solution in combination with all Shell PEN and premium grade bitumens, so you can continue to use the bitumen solution that works best for you. See how Shell Bitumen LT could benefit your business.

* Source: DAV, German Asphalt Association, Guidelines for Warm Mix Asphalt

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