Improved asphalt compaction

Not all roads are born equal. Tight delivery times, challenging infrastructures and human errors are a fact of the job, but asphalt waste and costly re-work don’t have to be. For roads that work around you, use Shell Bitumen Compact.

Our proven formula is designed to improve asphalt compaction*, even in more challenging infrastructures like roundabouts. It helps reduce the amount of asphalt gone beyond the point of workability, to help you and your team get the right finish and best performing road solution.

Longer asphalt working windows

Our Bitumen Compact solution is formulated to remain workable for longer and increasing construction teams’ available working windows. It’s great news for accommodating those inevitable changes of plan - so a delivery delay shouldn’t throw things off course.

Fewer complications, less waste. Shell Bitumen Compact helps you get it right first time. Get in touch with our team today.

* compared to conventional bitumen

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