Tackling air quality

Transportation systems are essential to modern living but the increase in urbanisation and concentration of transport as well as industrial activity have resulted in worsening levels of air quality.

That’s why we have developed a new bitumen solution for active emission reduction of gases and particulates during production and paving - Shell Bitumen FreshAir. Developing cleaner solutions for road paving plays a part in a wide ranging approach to improving the air quality of cities.

Making road paving cleaner

The innovative bitumen technology has been tested with road constructors and air quality experts in cities around the globe and has, on average, reduced specific gases and particulates from asphalt mixtures by 40% when compared to conventional bitumen. Shell Bitumen FreshAir acts directly with chemical compounds which are the source of specific gases, particulates and odour-releasing molecules. This chemical reaction occurs in situ at a molecular level, helping to reduce specific gases and particulates or minimise them becoming airborne during production and paving, reducing the impact on air quality.

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Shell Bitumen RC

Our Shell RC binder is specially formulated to work in combination with reclaimed asphalt materials, without compromising on surface resistance or durability.