A lower odour bitumen

Not everyone loves the smell of a freshly laid road. But for bitumen depots and asphalt production facilities, odour issues can even mean restricted operational hours, limited bitumen use, or relocating plants entirely.

That’s why we created Shell Bitumen Fresh. Pre-dosed with our award-winning additive Shell Bitufresh, our solution works actively to stop the odours escaping from the bitumen’s surface. Unlike other products Shell Bitufresh neutralises rather than masks, minimising detectable odour for up to two weeks.

Reduce bitumen odour issues

Shell Bitumen Fresh is great for depots and plants, where production can’t easily be relocated. But it’s just as effective on shorter term construction projects in residential and high foot-traffic areas. If you’re surfacing in an area with a high population density, using Shell Bitumen Fresh can help reduce bitumen odour complaints from local residents, as well as improving working conditions for project staff.

Shell Bitumen Fresh couldn’t be easier to integrate. The binder is ready to use and comes pre-dosed with Shell Bitufresh, so there is no need to mix or pre-prepare. We can also pre-dose any Shell Penetration Grade Bitumen or Polymer Modified Bitumen (subject to availability), for the road design that’s best for you.

Whatever your needs, we’re here to help. Give us a call today.

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Shell Bitumen RC

Our Shell RC binder is specially formulated to work in combination with reclaimed asphalt materials, without compromising on surface resistance or durability.