Bitumen additive to reduce odour

Not everyone loves the smell of a freshly paved road. Bitumen and asphalt operations face increasing public concern about odour emissions, especially for production facilities located in urban and populated areas. To tackle this challenge, Shell has developed Shell Bitufresh: a bitumen additive specially formulated to reduce the odour of bitumen.

Unlike other products, Shell Bitufresh neutralises, rather than masks, working to actively stop the odours escaping from the bitumen’s surface for up to two weeks. And it’s designed to be effective at low dosage levels, so the bitumen’s characteristics remain unchanged.

Whether you’re a looking to minimise odour issues for residents near bitumen operations or improve your project staff’s working condition; Shell Bitufresh can help make life a little better for everyone.

Roads that keep it fresh. Talk to us about Bitufresh today.  

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