Improving binder adhesion

We know that come rain or shine, construction projects must go to schedule. But when you’re working in adverse weather conditions, it’s not always easy to get the best from your bitumen. When rain, frost or snow can’t be avoided, using Shell Bitumen products with our anti-stripping agents can help.

Bitumen adhesion in tough conditions

Typically, the adhesion of bitumen to aggregates is not a problem. However, in the presence of water, unexpected adhesion related problems may occur. Shell Bitumen products treated with an adhesion agent can help by improving the adhesive bond between the aggregate and the bitumen, better enabling the bitumen to preferentially wet the aggregate, helping to create a water damage-resistant environment.

So whether you’re looking to improve your road’s cold resistance before winter, enhance the adhesiveness of surface dressings, or just invest in long-term durable road networks all year-round, Shell Bitumen treated with adhesion agents can help.

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