New storage terminals on the west coast of France

Oct 10, 2013

Having successfully trialled transport solutions combining waterways, railways and roads, Shell Bitumen has launched two new storage terminals in Nantes and Bayonne on the West Coast of France, following the closure of the Petit Couronne and Berre refineries.

Getting Closer to your Business

Aug 16, 2013

Shell Bitumen customers in the UK will soon benefit from local supplies of bitumen from Thames Oil Port. We have a long history of supplying bitumen in the UK and the latest chapter begins soon when UK customers can be impressed by the speed of our delivery to your door*.

Modern Asphalt Magazine: Pavement durability – Shell's alternative options explored

Aug 28, 2012

The life expectancy of highway pavements could be increased using binder technology that incorporates sulphur as well as bitumen, according to Shell tests.