On May 1, the Shanghai World Expo 2010 opened in China – a world-scale event acting as a platform for economic, scientific, technological and cultural exchanges, and the sharing of innovative ideas.

In 2009, Shell supplied around 20,000 tons of its bitumen products to the Shanghai Expo and the supporting road projects. If you're one of 70 million visitors expected at the Expo between now and October 31, you’ll find Shell bitumen on motorways built or revamped for the event, at the site and its periphery, and even at the China Pavilion in the central area.

Zhang Zhonghua, Shell China Bitumen Sales General Manager, says: “The Shanghai Expo put a lot of emphasis on technology and lower environmental impact solutions throughout the construction phase, which actually provided a great opportunity for Shell’s bitumen offerings.”

At the Expo ground, one of most eye-catching structures is undoubtedly the China Pavilion — the “Oriental Crown” on the bank of Huanpu River. There you'll find Shell bitumen paving out the basement.

In this unique structure, built in the traditional Chinese wooden bracket style, you have to walk down nearly 100 steps from the ground to reach the bottom. Underneath the steps is the basement area where major exhibitions will be held. The large number of steps and irregular working surfaces posed unique challenges for basement waterproof engineering.


Waterproofing the steps of the China Pavilion

Shell Flintkote Ultra - a single-component elastomeric water-proof coating – provided the solution. Now, the complete basement area of the “Oriental Crown” – more than 20,000 square metres – is equipped with dual-layer Shell Flintkote Ultra.

Shell bitumen has also been applied on many roads at and around the site, including Puming Road, one of the trunk roads connecting the Expo ground to the outside, and the parking lot of the Shanghai Water Sports Centre. Shell supplied 13,000 tons of bitumen for those motorways and venues, covering a surface area of 130,000m2.

Beyond the Expo venue, Shell bitumen also had a role to play in the construction of the supporting road network, such as the Pudong Airport North Avenue project, where Shell successfully supplied a high-kinetic-viscosity matrix bitumen to help build China’s first open graded friction course (OGFC) pavement on an overhead road.

This high-tech pavement not only helps to significantly reduce splash and aqua planing on rainy days, but also to significantly reduce noise. Later, this sophisticated surface solution was also deployed on the pavement at the Shiliupu Ferry Terminal.

Nat Wong, Shell Bitumen Sales & Operations General Manager for China and Hong Kong, says: “We are very excited to grasp the business opportunity that came with the Shanghai Expo. Something even more important than the sales volume is that we are recognised as a high-end road surface solution provider.

“From Tiananmen Square, Chang’an Avenue and roads around Olympic venues in Beijing, all the way to Shanghai Expo, we are proud that our bitumen products and road surface solutions are serving more and more landmark projects and events in China.”