Synthetic binders for coloured asphalt solutions

Bring a pop of colour to asphalt surfaces with Shell Mexphalte C.

Shell Mexphalte C is a synthetic clear binder that can be used in the production of a broad spectrum of coloured asphalts in a range of long-lasting colour shades. It’s ideal for highlighting different areas – be they bus or cycle lanes, motorways, tunnels or footpaths, making it a great choice if you’re investing in public transport or mobility infrastructure and sustainable mobility.

Making a visual impact

It’s also ideal if you’re looking to raise the visual impact of landscape and architectural builds. Use Shell Mexphalte C to create coloured asphalts that enhance historical monuments, sports venues and stadiums, boardwalks, promenades, parks and squares. Shell Mexphalte C’s workability is designed to allow for surface texturing and decorating to enhance the artistic capabilities that this wide range of solutions offers.

Shell Mexphalte C brings the benefits of colour, with no compromise on quality. It’s a highly durable and adhesive binder (even on quartz).

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Shell Mexphalte C: smarter cities

Our formula developed for safe, high-visibility and great looking roads.

Shell Mexphalte C: safer cities

Our formula designed for high-contrast bus lanes.

Shell Mexphalte C: tunnels

Our formula designed for high-visibility tunnel surfaces.