Coloured asphalt for tunnels

Shell Mexphalte C, our clear binder used to produce coloured asphalts, is particularly valuable for tunnels. In tunnels, a light coloured surface can increase contrast to the human eye making cars and obstacles more visible. This ultimately helps facilitate driving and improve safety.

Helping to reduce tunnel electricity costs

And Shell Mexphalte C can help reduce costs too. A high-visibility, light-coloured surface, produced with Shell Mexphalte C can reduce the need for lighting, so helping to generate electricity cost savings. See our case studies to understand how Shell Mexphalte C can help reduce electricity costs.

Low temp available

Shell Mexphalte C also comes as a low temperature (LT) option. When working in tunnels, lower production temperatures  help minimise heat radiation and reduce bitumen fumes and odours, thus facilitating safer asphalt handling, and improved workability* compared to conventional asphalt. Great news for working in tricky enclosed spaces. Find out more about our LT product variants here.

To learn more about Shell Mexphalte C, contact a Shell representative today.


*Compared to standard grade bitumen.

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