For roads for positive change

We all want better, safer cities. But to successfully invest in mobility and public transport, your roads need to pull their weight too.

We developed our Shell Mexphalte C roads binder with safety in mind. It’s used in the production of high-performance coloured asphalt that’s ideal for highlighting different areas, such as school exits, roundabout crossings, cycle paths and surfaces. Shell Mexphalte C has been developed to create durable, great looking asphalt surfaces that are designed to help keep people safer, however they’re getting around.

Shell Mexphalte C is highly resistant and adhesive, even on quartz*, with a mechanical resistance equal to that of a conventional asphalt mixture. It is also used in asphalt that can help absorb ride vibration and reduce road noise, which should result in better ride comfort.

To understand more about Shell Mexphalte C, contact a Shell representative today.

compared to conventional bitumen

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