Helping to improve road safety

Bus lanes. Car lanes. Cycle lanes. Roads made with Shell Bitumen products are natural born multi-taskers and help everyone get around the same roads safely with Shell Mexphalte C, a binder for producing asphalt that creates create clear, coloured lanes.

Clearer demarcation with colour 

Coloured lanes offer contrast and have the potential to improve safety by clearly differentiating where different types of traffic, such as buses and bicycles, should travel. Use Shell Mexphalte C to produce asphalts that highlight safety indicators and raise their awareness amongst drivers and pedestrians during transit. By using open graded asphalt mixture designs and incorporating Shell Mexphalte C roads can absorb ride vibration and traffic noise, which should result in better ride comfort. 

Shell Mexphalte C is highly durable and adhesive, with a mechanical resistance equal to that of a conventional asphalt binder. And it couldn’t be easier to use: just as with conventional bitumen, no special laying equipment is required.

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