New challenges demand tailored solutions designed to meet the needs of the modern day road, airports and construction sectors.
Conventional Bitumen may not be able to help address all of these challenges, but Polymer Modified Bitumen (PMB) is a proven solution to deal effectively with some of them.

Conventional bitumens modified with carefully chosen polymers can greatly improve the properties of the asphalt mixture providing benefits such as the following when compared with conventional bitumens:

  • Improved rheology – elasticity recovery and viscosity.
  • Reduced chances of fatigue cracking.
  • Reduced chances of low temperature cracking.
  • Improved fuel resistance.
  • Improved adhesion/cohesion.

Shell Bitumen has been a leading player in the development of PMB technology over the last 40 years and has developed the Shell Cariphalte range of PMBs that have been successfully applied to iconic projects across many different continents. Shell Cariphalte PMBs are manufactured by blending selected high performing polymers with carefully chosen base bitumen. This allows them to be used in challenging situations where superior performance is required. Shell Cariphalte PMBs can be formulated to overcome specific challenges such as improved resistance to deformation or to provide better adhesion between bitumen and aggregate than conventional bitumen.

Key benefits:

  • Durability – Due to its resistance to permanent deformation and superior resistance to stress compared to conventional bitumen, Shell Cariphalte is the ideal choice for busy roads.
  • Reliability – The reassurance of knowing you have a reliable product created by one of the world’s leading technical specialists in bitumen manufacturing.
  • Adaptability – Specially formulated polymer modified bitumen gives Shell Cariphalte flexible qualities and an ability to adapt to wide-ranging demands.

The Shell Cariphalte product family includes:

  • Shell Cariphalte High Performance - Enjoy a multitude of benefits.
  • Shell Cariphalte Thin Surfacing - Designed to meet modern surfacing demands.
  • Shell Cariphalte Dense Mixture - Designed for heavy use.
  • Shell Cariphalte Fuel Resisting - Increased resistance where it’s needed most.
  • Shell Cariphalte Racetrack - A high-performance surface for high performance vehicles.

Solutions for tough conditions

Hockenheimring Racetrack, Baden-Württemberg

Germany’s Formula One™ famed Hockenheimring Baden-Württemberg racing circuit, which has hosted Formula One and Deutsche Tourenwagen Masters (DTM) races, seats 120,000 spectators. It was considered too long (6.8 km) and impractical for spectators because various sections ran through densely wooded areas.

In 2002, a 62 million rebuild resulted in a shorter circuit and Shell Cariphalte Racetrack was chosen as the bitumen of choice for the resurfacing of the track. The Shell Cariphalte Racetrack used at Hockenheim was blended at a nearby plant to meet the track’s requirements. Product qualities such as elastic recovery, penetration and softening point were all carefully controlled to meet the needs of the circuit’s FIA Grade 1 licence.

Case studies

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Why choose Shell Bitumen

We’re the partner of choice for customers from sectors ranging from airports to highways, roofing to Formula One™ tracks. We have an unrivalled track record in innovation and our specialty applications for coloured asphalt, energy efficiency, odour minimisation and underwater adhesives have set the industry standard.

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