Shell Mexphalte C is a synthetic clear binder that can produce a broad spectrum of coloured asphalt, enabling the colour-matching of pavements to the local environment as an alternative to block paving.
Our clear bitumen has a similar mechanical performance to conventional bitumen and is easy to apply, as no special laying equipment is required. Shell Mexphalte C can be used to enhance the natural colour and texture of aggregates, and can be easily coloured using small amounts of pigments to provide an extensive colour palette.

Benefits the Shell Mexphalte C range can offer include:

  • Wide range of long-lasting colours possible.
  • Greater creativity for landscape and architectural applications compared to conventional bitumen.
  • Harmonisation of the pavement into its surroundings.
  • Improved safety due to higher contrast compared to conventional hot mix asphalt.
  • Surface and colour homogeneity.
  • Improved ride comfort and reduced noise.
  • Compared to coloured concrete or block paving.
  • Helping roads open quicker to traffic compared to conventional hot mix asphalt.
  • Mechanical resistance – equal to that of a conventional asphalt mixture.
  • Ease of maintenance – ease of repair.
  • Energy savings in tunnels compared to conventional hot mix asphalt.
  • Cost effectiveness and durability.

Shell Mexphalte C is ideal for:

  • Architectural applications.
  • Historical monuments.
  • Parks and squares.
  • Sports venues and stadiums.
  • Boardwalks and promenades.
  • Office buildings, car parks and more.

Shell Mexphalte C Joint - For durable tramways and stone paving

Shell Mexphalte C Joint P3J is a mastic joint solution that combines the durability of a polymer modified binder and a clear synthetic binder. Shell Mexphalte C Joint P3J is applied hot.

Benefits when using Shell Mexphalte C Joint P3J for coloured surfacing may include:

  • Durability.
  • Aesthetical asset appearance.
  • Vibration absorption.
  • Noise reduction.
  • Easy application.
  • Easy maintenance.
  • Excellent adhesion.
  • No staining.


A light coloured tarmac or coloured surface can increase contrast to the human eye making cars and obstacles more visible in a tunnel, helping to facilitate driving and to improve safety.

Using Shell Mexphalte C in the manufacture of light-coloured asphalt can also help contribute to electricity cost savings due to the increased visibility it can provide and thus a reduced need for lighting.

During application a lower temperature product will emit less heat radiation and fewer fumes, thus allowing safer handling, and improved workability during laying operations - key when operating in enclosed spaces, such as tunnels.

Shell Mexphalte C has been used to produced light-coloured pavement which enhances visibility and safety in tunnels. For more than 20 years Shell Mexphalte C has been used in the manufacture of light coloured asphalt for use in tunnels across Europe. In the UK Shell Bitumen and Tarmac are working closely to bring this innovation to the UK market, visit Tarmac's site for more information.

Architectural applications and heritage sites

The colourable properties of Shell Mexphalte C can allow for greater creativity in landscape and architectural applications.

Shell Mexphalte C can help reduce contrast, making objects appear larger than they are. It can also help enhance visual attractiveness by harmonising buildings with their environment, making it an excellent choice for heritage sites. Shell Mexphalte C’s workability is designed to allow for surface texturing and decorating that enhances the artistic capabilities that this wide range of solutions offers.

Shell Mexphalte C has been successfully used to create coloured driveways and pavement in:

  • Historical monuments.
  • Parks.
  • Squares.
  • Sports venues.
  • Stadiums.
  • Boardwalks and promenades.
  • Office buildings.
  • Car parks.

Safety demarcation

Coloured lanes offer contrast and have the potential to improve safety by clearly differentiating where different types of traffic, such as cars, buses, bicycles and pedestrians, should travel. Shell Mexphalte C can be used to create coloured tarmac to highlight safety indicators and so raise their awareness amongst drivers and pedestrians during transit.

Shell Mexphalte C can be used in:

  • Bicycle and pedestrian lanes.
  • Bus lanes.
  • Speed regulation.
  • Crossing paths in roundabouts.
  • School exits.
  • Multifunctional lanes.

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