Act now with carbon offsets

Carbon offsets play an immediate and valuable role as a bridge to the future of decarbonisation in the short to mid-term as other solutions ramp up. A joint study commissioned by Shell and Deloitte found that offsetting is expected to help compensate as much as 50% of aviation’s net emissions by 2030.

When done right, offsets can help your business compensate emissions, allowing you to work towards your net zero targets whilst continuing to fly.

Read Shell and Deloitte’s report here

How does it work?

When CO2 emissions cannot be avoided, an investment can be made in projects that then captures CO2 that otherwise would be added to the atmosphere. Carbon credits are then issued, and they can be retired to demonstrate that an amount of carbon emissions have been compensated. A carbon credit represents the avoidance or removal of greenhouse gases equivalent to 1 tonne of CO2

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Investing in nature for the future

Nature-based solutions are projects that protect, transform or restore land in a way that captures or stores more carbon. These projects can be independently audited and the emissions verified to issue carbon credits. These projects offer immediate, scalable and cost-effective pathways to significant net emission reductions.

Shell Aviation provides diverse, high quality carbon offsets generated from our global portfolio of nature-based projects around the world.

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Quality carbon offsets from Shell Aviation

A wide range of offsetting projects abound; however, they can vary in quality. We go to great lengths to ensure that our offsets are of high quality, to help you avoid the risk of not having the positive impact you were investing for and the reputational challenges that can bring.

Our customers can be assured that our nature-based offsets meet the highest standards.



We only select projects that are certified under credible, high-quality and independent carbon credit standards



Our internal nature-based project screening review and management processes are audited by an independent third-party auditor to verify the integrity of the processes we use for projects screening.



We work to ensure project developers maintain appropriate health, safety, security and social governance standards.

Environmentally and socially beneficial

Environmentally and socially beneficial

We only select projects that deliver wider environmental and social benefits

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