SkyPad Data Exchange

Based on the SkyPad tablet, used by Shell’s apron operators, SkyPad Data Exchange creates a paperless, end-to-end refuelling process. Utilising an API (Application Programme Interface), developed to IATA data fuel standards, SkyPad Data Exchange enables Shell and airline systems to share data. By connecting pilots with operators and back-office functions it allows them to electronically track, update and share information in real-time. From the initial fuel order and fueling activity, to invoicing and reconciliation, this direct exchange of data between SkyPad Data Exchange and an airline’s own system brings the following benefits. You can also hear directly from our airline customers here.

Our drive to provide airline customers with greater efficiency is centred around SkyPad Data Exchange, a fully digitised refuelling solution, harnessing technology to maximise efficiency and accuracy across all aspects of the refuelling process.

  • Improved data accuracy and reduced admin
    Currently, paper-based systems and manual handoffs on the apron mean it’s a matter of when, not if, refuelling errors occur. A single miswritten number can take hours to rectify where minutes cost money. SkyPad virtually eliminates the potential for human error on the apron, while the additional functionality of SkyPad Data Exchange reduces the potential for data errors throughout the entire refuelling process.
  • Avoid delays with a touchless apron
    Refuelling processes based on manual sign off between pilot and refueler can inevitably cause delays. Pilots waste valuable time finding the refueler to update fuel volumes and refuelers then need to find the pilot to manually sign off final fuel amounts. By connecting pilots and refuelers in real-time, SkyPad Data Exchange removes the need for the pilot to leave the cockpit and can save between 8 to 13 minutes in refuelling time1.


SkyPad tablets are robust and intrinsically safe due to their shockproof and waterproof design, with an operating range from +50°C to -50°C. So far SkyPad has been rolled out to 141 sites across 23 countries2. SkyPad Data Exchange is available at all locations where SkyPad is deployed and is currently being trialed by a number of major airlines around the world.

Innovative Solutions

Shell’s pursuit of operational excellence and efficiency has led to a range of other innovative refuelling solutions. On Time Performance Analytics (OTP Analytics) collects and analyses data from airline arrival, refuelling and departure times to further improve apron efficiency. Our innovation team is also currently working on exciting new technology designed to speed up the physical refuelling process and assist in reducing refuelling times. Contact us to learn more.

1 Based on observed and recorded performance by ground operators using Shell SkyPad Data Exchange at Manchester Airport in November 2019
2 Data correct as at September 2020

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