Self-Assessment and Face-to-face Inspections

Our programme, developed over many years, traditionally comprised two key lines of defence: a self-assessment tool and onsite inspections by our technical experts.


The digital self-assessment tool is designed for use by your onsite team. It covers all areas of operations, providing a standardised approach to gap analysis and closure, as well as raising awareness and accountability of front-line personnel. The assessment is flexible and can be completed over a rolling 12-month cycle or a shorter period.

Onsite Inspection

The annual onsite inspection is designed as a second line of defence behind self-assessment by your team. Following a discussion of and agreement of objectives prior to the visit, our team will carry out a thorough inspection and audit, focusing on areas highlighted by the self-assessment process. Our visits include a review of documentation and records, practical task reviews, physical equipment inspection and location/facilities assessment. Following the inspection, a face-to-face management de-brief and written inspection report are provided as well as follow-ups to review findings and monitor gap closure. 

Introducing Virtual Inspections

In response to COVID-19 making onsite inspections more difficult if not impossible, we have developed virtual inspections with our experts watching live streaming of a wide range of procedures such as pressure control checks, tank/drain sampling, interlock check and into-plane refuelling procedure.

The success of these virtual visits has led Shell Aviation to develop a hybrid inspection programme with virtual visits forming a bridge between self-assessment and on-site inspections to provide you with an even greater level of assurance.

Together, the self-assessment checklist and onsite and virtual inspections provide a three level assurance system, designed to support safe and efficient operations and improve your preparedness for external inspection by local regulatory authorities and/or airline customers.

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