Making best use of our Learning Academy, you can provide reassurance to customers, as well as management and staff that you have the knowledge and capability needed to operate safely and professionally.

Our Academy offers competence-based training for your frontline staff, supervisors and management, designed to meet the specific needs of your business. We run a wide range of training courses, which can be delivered virtually at your operational locations or at Shell’s training centres.

Our Training Academy regularly looks to incorporate innovative methods and all courses are available in multiple languages, using multi-lingual presenters and assessors. Training can be conducted by Shell Aviation or self-delivered by your team.

Operator Academy 

The Operator Academy targets frontline operations personnel. The courses give the attendees step-by-step training and guidance on refuelling operations, equipment used and HSSE standards (Health, Safety, Security & Environment). The training courses focus on activities at the apron, daily routine check and activities at the fuel farm, maintenance checks and basic troubleshooting. Refresher programmes are available to cover developments in regulations and standards as they occur, ensuring that your operators are always trained to meet the latest standards.

HSSE (Health, Safety, Security & Environment) Awareness Training

The HSSE training module for frontline staff has a strong emphasis on winning hearts and minds of the frontline operations staff. The training modules also cover personal protective equipment (PPE) requirements to manual handling, hazard identification, basic risk assessment, identifying near misses and incident reporting. 

The Aviation Competence & Education (ACE)

This provides operators working in the aviation fuelling business with a basic knowledge of all facets of aircraft fuelling, including storage, handling and delivery. The courses incorporate a structured series of modules with clear concise training material, informative video presentations, training needs analysis and documentation, plus refresher courses. Practical exercises and assessments ensure that the knowledge is absorbed and operator skills are proven in practice. The courses are available either as a series of self-learning computer modules, via the Shell e-learning portal or in-person instructor/trainer-led classes.

Supervisor Academy

The Supervisor Academy targets aviation and frontline leaders. The courses give the attendees a deeper understanding of the refuelling operations, equipment used and HSSE standards. These courses lead the operations team to run a more efficient and effective team on the ground. The supervisor academy also focuses on managing fuel quality at airport locations as well as at terminals upstream of the airport, giving the participants end-to-end knowledge of the whole aviation fuel supply chain. It covers both a virtual interactive course with online trainers as well as face-to-face courses, which include site visits to Shell operations sites.

ACE Train-the-Trainer

This three-day course provides you with the ability to deliver the ACE training courses in-house. The course syllabus includes communication techniques, the skills training process, recall and retention, plus assessment skills.

The Operations Excellence Training Course (OETC) – Virtual, In-person or Advanced level course

This course is designed to help you achieve operational excellence, leading an efficient and effective organisation to deliver aviation fuelling. It provides a deeper understanding of the details of fuelling operations and is delivered as a combination of classroom and on-site teaching at one of Shell’s training facilities.

The Fuel-Tec Course – Virtual, In-person or Advanced level course

This provides you with deeper insight in advanced quality control and product knowledge, covering more technical issues concerning various aviation products and their use.

The Supervising for Safety Course

We also offer a series of courses helping you to improve the safety of your operations and your staff.

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