Shell Aviation Airport Operations Manual (SAOM)

The core of our operating system, this manual provides clear and detailed procedures for the management of airport refuelling operations.

Shell Aviation Quality Systems for Fuel (SAQS)

To be used in conjunction with the SAOM, this handbook provides detailed guidance and procedures designed to ensure the quality of the fuels that you use.

Shell Aviation Maintenance Manual (SAMM)

For use alongside SAOM, this manual sets out clear procedures for the management of preventive maintenance for aviation-specific fixed and mobile facilities and equipment.

Controlled electronic copies of all three manuals are provided for use at airports as well as your head office. Updates are provided as required to ensure your operations are always based on the latest procedures.

Our three operations manuals are supplemented by the Shell Aviation Fuelling Handbook. Provided in hard copy to airport locations this provides a concise overview of operational procedures and requirements for use by front line staff on the apron.

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