Our desire for operational excellence drives us to deliver innovative solutions and services. From product development to providing safe and reliable services, our dedicated people are committed to operational excellence at every stage – without compromise.

Shell SkyPad, an end-to-end refuelling solution that’s transforming turnarounds.

Shell SkyPad speeds up everything from fuelling to billing, reducing turnaround times and helping airlines get their customers to their destinations faster. Shell Skypad:

  • Automated refuelling tickets pre-populated with flight information, increasing accuracy and reducing turnarounds. 
  • Ensures that you have real time data that connects from cockpit to refueller and direct to your accounting department.
  • Uses real time stock data to ensure security of supply.
  • Ensures you have electronic proof of delivery and accurate invoices within minutes.
  • Gives you automated global delivery data reports using IATA’s standard formats.
  • Designed to be a global solution, working across geographies.
  • Offers a paperless solution based on an intrinsically safe tablet. 
The few energy companies with a dedicated aviation research facility.

Industry leadership and technical expertise

Shell Aviation takes a prominent industry leadership role in developing standards and best practices.

Shell has over 10,000 scientists and engineersworking on the world’s toughest energy challenges. We are one of the few energy companies with a dedicated aviation research facility.

Shell is a major contributor to the aviation fuel industry and holds active and leadership roles in all the major industry groups, including UK DEF STAN, JIG, EI, CRC, IATA and ASTM. Shell staff chair key committees such as the Energy Institute’s Microbiological and Aviation committees and its Aviation Filtration Sub-committee, JIG’s PQ Committee and the CRC Aviation Committee.

Facilities and procedures for the Quality assurance

Quality assurance

The Health, Safety, Security and Environment Management System (HSSEMS) assures product quality throughout the supply chain by setting strict standards for facilities and procedures. Other Shell standards define requirements for airport operations, process safety and asset integrity.

  • We conduct over 400 audits and inspections annually to ensure that our airport operations meet global health, safety, security, environmental and operational standards.
  • Our vehicle replacement policy is used to manage our asset integrity and optimise each vehicle’s lifetime-cost ratio. An optimal average fleet of 10 years has been calculated, and we are implementing a strategy for achieving and maintaining that target.

On-the-apron service excellence

Shell provides a stimulating and challenging work environment to attract, develop and retain the best and brightest people worldwide. Our highly trained people deliver safe and efficient fuelling services. We never settle for anything less than excellence and neither should you.

There are several essential training programmes behind our operational excellence and, in 2011, we conducted approximately 24,000 hours of Aviation Competence and Education (ACE) training for Shell operators.


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