Wherever you fly...#

Everyday, Shell Aviation refuels aircraft at hundreds of airports across some 70 countries where your Shell Carnet card will be welcomed!

Our fuel prices are published monthly and are available on our People Prices and Places or from your local Shell Aviation representative. 

# Excluding US

Service and Quality

Wherever you fly, there will always be the same global leading product and service quality that Shell Aviation has provided since the beginning of it’s 100 year history in aviation!

Other key benefits include

  • Competitive pricing
  • Leading safety standards: protecting you and your aircraft

* Please note that a volume threshold applies and the offer is only available to Business customers.

Card Services Network

Wherever you fly, there are over hundreds of airports that your Shell fuel&fly card, Shell Aviation card and Carnet card will be welcomed.

Credit Card Acceptance

For ease of your convenience, we now accept credit cards payment at our locations.

Apply for one now!

To be a Shell fuel&fly card customer to enjoy the benefits now.

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