Developing and implementing HSE management at over 880 sites in all operating conditions, ensures that the systems implemented for Shell Aviation clients are practical and, consequentially, lead to better business...

More than Compliance...

HSE is more than an issue of compliance, it is fundamental to the way Shell Aviation operates.
The core of Shell Aviation's HSE commitment is a comprehensive Management System for airport fuelling services.

The steps through to mplementation of a successful HSE Management System may include:

  • auditing current practices against industry standards and best practice.
  • development of an Action Plan to achieve the desired goals in the shortest possible timeframe.
  • working with clients to support implementation of an ongoing HSE Management system.

The improved performance that results from implementation of the Shell Aviation HSE Management System is reflected in:

  • minimisation of hydrocarbon waste.
  • reduction in spillages.
  • reduction in contamination.
  • improved safety performance.

From Design to Operations

Shell Aviation helps customers integrate HSE elements into their projects and facilities from start to finish, providing advice on:

  • environmental assessment and remediation.
  • incorporation of HSE elements in design.
  • access to the Shell Group's suite of HSE and incident design tools and processes.
  • assessment of HSE competencies.
  • benchmarking facilities against industry standards.
  • set up of HSE management systems.
  • training of Operators and Supervisors.
Case Study: USA
The introduction of the Shell HSE management system into the US airfield operations resulted in a 40% reduction in employee injuries over a four year period. The system was introduced in 2004 and while theactivities on the apron steadily increased, the recordable and lost time injuries decreased dramatically while punctuality remained at the usual very high level. As a side effect, insurance premiums, which had historically been increased annually, have remained level.

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