Shell’s technical know-how, gained over 100 years in the aviation fuel industry, is embedded in Shell Aviation’s Fueltec team supported by Shell Global Solutions research scientists.

It is a unique, global team providing services in:

• troubleshooting and problem investigation.
• full fuel specification testing and interpretation.
• sophisticated analysis of fuels and deposits.
• studies of relationships between performance and composition.
• evaluation and approval of new supply sources for aviation fuels.
• development, implementation and training in procedures for aviation fuel quality control from refinery to wing-tip.

The Fueltec team is a 24/7 network with global reach. Its specialist fuels technical experts are based in all regions of the globe. The team is in place to resolve technical fuel problems quickly, effectively and professionally. Rapid response, unparalleled expertise, plus the full weight of Shell’s global technology support ensures that problems such as demurrage, product downgrades and contamination issues are minimised.

Into the future

Shell Aviation and the wider Shell group of companies continue to invest heavily for the future. Whether in the refinement of fuels specifications, the development of new fuel production processes, such as the synthesis of middle distillate fuels from gas, or the advancement and testing of additive solutions, Shell Aviation remains one of the foremost investors in the future of fuel technology.

This is one of the many reasons Shell is voted by airlines as the No.1 supplier of Technical Expertise in aviation fuel systems.

Case Study: Reliance Operations, India

Shell is committed to developing new energy sources and is a world leader in the supply of biofuels to the automotive sector. Shell has also pioneered the production of synthetic fuels via the Fischer-Tropsch process.

Shell has operated a Gas to Liquids (GTL) Plant for the past 10 years in Malaysia, producing ultra-clean synthetic fuels free from sulphur and aromatics. Based on that technology and experience Shell is constructing a much larger 140, 000-bbl/day plant in Qatar. In February 2008, an Airbus A380 was the first commercial aircraft to fly using Shell synthetic GTL jet fuel during an extensive flight test between the United Kingdom and France.

This flight marked the first stage in a collaborative programme between Airbus, Rolls-Royce, Shell, Qatar Petroleum and the Qatar Foundation announced at the Dubai Airshow in November 2007. Shell Group research is focused on finding sustainable routes for producing hydrocarbons from diverse sources. Shell Aviation’s strategy is to use its expertise to help the worldwide aviation industry find alternative fuels for the future.

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