However well designed an airport and its fuel handling facilities may be, ultimately the system will only perform as well as the people who manage and operate it. Critical functions need to operate smoothly, as problems in one area can soon multiply, leading to unwanted delays, and customer dissatisfaction.

Anticipating potential problems is the key to Shell Aviation Technical Services’ unique approach to fuel handling management.

This is achieved through robust yet flexible systems, which specify the correct procedure for every aspect of fuel handling. This ranges from the receipt of incoming fuel, through contamination-free storage, to efficient and safe into-plane delivery.

Practical help in four areas

Shell Aviation offers four key services for Fuel Operating Systems.

Inspection and Assessment

Dedicated Shell Aviation personnel visit airports to conduct in-depth inspections and assessments of fuel handling practices. A comprehensive report is then produced detailing areas where performance can be drawn into line to comply with global best practice.

Operating the Shell system

Calling upon Shell’s 100 years of operational experience, Shell Aviation maintains a complete operating system for fuel handling. This features fully documented procedures for safe, efficient, and economic operations.


Proper staff training is required in order to implement the Shell Aviation operating system and consequently run airport operations smoothly and effectively. Shell Aviation can train all operational and management staff in every aspect of the system.

Dedicated Support and assistance

Every client is assigned a dedicated Shell Aviation Account Manager to provide practical advice and site visits. All clients also receive a range of communication materials and updates. One such publication is the Shell Aviation Bulletin - a digest of significant and recent aviation fuels developments.

Case Study: Reliance Operations, India

When Reliance Industries decided to enter the aviation market in India, they formed a Technical Service Agreement (TSA) with Shell Aviation. In addition to a substantial Engineering Consultancy service, the scope of the TSA covered expert knowledge on fuel handling.

This included the introduction of Shell Aviation manuals and bulletins, operational training and training material, fuel technical hotline advice, plus HSE management systems and inspections. Advice on aspects of the handling and delivery of aviation products direct to the end user were also covered by the TSA.

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