This same high-quality service has also been utilised by airports, joint ventures, national oil companies, refuelling companies and airlines around the world for more than 40 years. Shell’s new generation of mobile fuelling equipment is designed to meet the latest international standards, ensuring maximum operational safety and performance based on global best practice.

Key elements to every project

Shell Aviation Technical Services provides engineering expertise in the key areas of project development.

Master Planning

First, all development factors are considered in a comprehensive Feasibility Study. This includes traffic predictions and estimates for future demand. From this, Shell Aviation produces an outline design and detailed capital cost estimate.


The detailed design of fuel storage, handling, and delivery systems draws on unparalleled experience. Shell Aviation produces detailed designs (including materials specifications) to provide the required capacity level.

Expensive over-capacity is avoided, but the ability to expand the system to meet future demand is always built into the design.

Project Management

Some clients prefer to handle project management themselves. However, our attention to detail means that Shell Aviation is often contracted to manage this important phase of development.


All Shell Aviation designs ensure ease-of-use and the capacity to deal with variable future demand. As part of the commissioning service, Shell Aviation provides detailed commissioning procedures, supervision and certification to ensure a system is ready for use.


Case Study: Project Engineering in Europe

At large European Airports, such as London Gatwick and Amsterdam Schiphol, Shell Aviation has been responsible for the design and project management of major fuel system extensions to hydrants, refueller gantries, supply pipelines, depot storage facilities and depot system automation.

Building on Shell’s operational and technical know-how Shell Aviation creates master plans for the integrated expansion of fuelling systems well into the future. Shell provides expert worldwide services to all airports, large and small, often working with local engineering companies to provide cost effective fuel system solutions.

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