Customer Wide Web (CWW)

With the CWW, TSA customers have the expertise of Shell Aviation at their fingertips via a direct connection to Shell’s worldwide knowledge base.'

The CWW allows customers to access, for example, operation manuals, technical bulletins (AOB, ATB, SAB), reports about recent industry meetings, and publications about HSE (HSE bulletins and Safety Alerts) Safety Data Sheets and Shell’s policies.

Customers can discuss technical and operations issues with Shell Aviation Specialists using the discussion forums option. Forums have been included to create a global reference point to share best practice backed up by global knowledge of the aviation fuels industry.

New Technology:

The new technology employed in Customer Wide Web has removed some of the limitations of the earlier system by providing more options and speed. This has streamlined the access of information and created a virtual workspace that spans distances and time zones.

Easy access. Get it right, keep it right.

TSA customers can access and manage large amounts of technical information in an ‘easy access’ form. They can acquire and keep technical information in a ‘virtual library’ that is regularly updated in accordance with Shell standards and latest issues from International Aviation Bodies.

Managing information efficiently.

Using the option File Ferry, Shell Aviation specialists can transfer and share knowledge, news and project information with TSA customers more efficiently.

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