Take advantage of our tailored Aviation Centre of Excellence (ACE) programme for airports and fixed-based operators (FBOs). Your needs are at the heart of our offer.

We appreciate that you need

Safe and effective operations:

  • that meet customers’ refuelling-service, time and safety expectations
  • with flexible training programmes
  • that comply with industry standards
  • with expert access to help with technical, quality and safety issues.


Marketing support for growth, which can help to:

  • offer cost-effective fuel
  • differentiate your airport
  • promote your airport
  • increase market share


Security of supply, which means

  • never running out of fuel
  • long-term availability of jet fuel and avgas
  • no disruptions caused by product quality issues


Modern, up-to-date equipment with:

  • maintenance support that allows you to focus on your core business
  • investment that avoids capital expenditure


A partner that is easy to do business with; one that

  • understands your local market conditions
  • speaks your language
  • provides a revenue stream that covers costs
  • gives you access to AeroShell lubricants and Shell Water Detectors.

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