Thank you for participating in the Shell AeroClass Rewards™ Program (the “Program”).  Equilon EnterprisesLLC d/b/a Shell Oil Shell Aviation US (“Shell Aviation”) is offering rewards points (“AeroClass Points”) in exchange for certain purchases of Shell aviation fuels (the “Products”): Avgas and Jet Fuel.  AeroClass Points may be redeemed for Visa Gift Cards (“Rewards”), all as governed by these Terms and Conditions. 

The Program only applies to purchases of Shell Products purchased at participating FBOs who have enrolled in the Program (“Participating FBO”).  For full details and answers to questions about the Program, please visit the Program Website at or email  If you have any questions regarding the program feel free to contact at or at 252-633-0066.

General Rules

Participation in the Program is subject to these Terms and Conditions, as Shell Aviation may amend them from time to time.  You may access continuously updated Terms and Conditions at (the “Program Website”).  By establishing a Program account in your name (an “Account”), logging on to your Account, redeeming AeroClass Points and/or registering a purchase, you will confirm your acceptance of these Terms and Conditions. 

All decisions regarding the operation of the Program will be made by Shell Aviation in its sole discretion.  You are responsible for reading and complying with these Terms and Conditions and the terms and conditions of any offer related to the Program.  Shell Aviation may provide additional information concerning the Program, such as FAQs, on the Program Website from time to time.  All such additional information is provided subject to these Terms and Conditions, and in the event of a conflict these Terms and Conditions will supersede.

Who May Participate

Only individuals who are at least eighteen (18) years of age and reside in the United States, or corporations or other entities with a mailing address in the United States and that designate an individual who is at least eighteen (18) years of age as the point of contact for Program purposes, are eligible to participate in the Program. 

The Program is designed to reward the General Aviation customer class for branded fuel purchases. 

There are two classes of members: Corporate and Individual.  Corporate Members will be allowed to combine reward activity from several cards and have the reward issued to the corporate offices.  Individual Members enroll separately and may not combine Program points with other Individual Members. Each Member may have only one Account, and must provide the requested information in the enrollment process (online or paper forms).

Establishing a Program Account

To participate in the Program, you must visit the Program Website and establish an Account in accordance with the instructions provided on the Program Website.  In order to establish an Account, you will be required to provide a valid United States mailing address.  AeroClass Points will only be awarded for purchases made after the date on which you establish your Account.  By logging on to your Account, you may view your transaction history, redeem AeroClass Points for your reward, and view your Account history, including the number of AeroClass Points credited to your Account.

Upon enrollment, each Member will be given a unique Program member identifier number and card.  By becoming a Member of the Program, you agree to receive advertising, marketing materials, and other communications from Shell Aviation. 

Shell may attempt to advise active Members of various matters of interest through its website and/or through email, but Shell shall have no responsibility to do so.

Accruing AeroClass Points

Rewards accrue based on a qualifying purchase by an individual Member.  Multiple members within a household or business enrolled in the program may not pool their purchases to earn a reward.

Rewards will accrue to a Member based on a qualifying purchase of Shell Products at any Participating FBOs locations in the United States.  Members of the Program can accrue AeroClass Points that can be redeemed for Visa Gift Cards.  Shell reserves the right to change the gift card award. 

Shell will provide 30 days notice communicated via the web site. Gift Cards available through that can be redeemed off the web site by logging in their member account.  Members can also donate their AeroClass Points to a charity that has been selected and display on the web site as well.

Participating FBOs will award one (1) AeroClass Point for each gallon of Shell Products purchased at Participating FBOs.  Participating FBOs may reward additional AeroClass Points for special promotions at their discretion.  Participating FBOs can start and end special promotions at their discretion.

Shell Aviation is the final authority on accrual and crediting of AeroClass Points and reserves the right to deny or revoke AeroClass Points at any time if Shell Aviation determines that they were improperly or mistakenly obtained, accrued or credited.

Award Qualification Rules

Members qualify for an Award pursuant to the following formula:  

AeroClass Points (minimum redemption)     Award
1,000 Aero Class Points                                     $10.00 Visa Gift Card

2,500 AeroClass Points                                      $25.00 Visa Gift Card

5,000 AeroClass Points                                      $50.00 Visa Gift Card

10,000 AeroClass Points                                    $100.00 Visa Gift Card

Charity                                                             You may give your AeroClass Points to any charity that is listed on the 
                                                                       Program Website.

Once a Member has accumulated the required number of AeroClass Points in the Program, the Member may choose to redeem AeroClass Points for Visa gift card in accordance with the Terms and Conditions below.

If a transaction is voided or reversed the AeroClass Points earned on those transactions will also be voided or reversed. AeroClass Points can only be accumulated on Products purchased by the Member. No AeroClass Points will be awarded on purchases paid for by a non-member who uses a Member’s ID card to swipe at transaction.

AeroClass Points are nontransferable except AeroClass Points may be transferred to certain charities as provided in these Terms and Conditions.  Once AeroClass Points have been transferred to the charity account, they cannot be transferred back to the members account.  AeroClass Points cannot be purchased and are not redeemable for cash.

Redeeming AeroClass Points and Other Benefits

Members of the Program can accrue AeroClass Points that can be redeemed for Visa Gift Cards.  Shell reserves the right to change the gift card awarded with 30 days notice communicated via the Program Website.  To redeem AeroClass Points for Rewards, simply log on to the Program Website and your redemption method.  You may also donate your AeroClass Points to a charity that has been selected and displayed on the Program Website.

Transactions will be tracked via the Program Website.  The Program Website will be the official record of the Program, and Rewards will be issued accordingly.  Lost or stolen gift cards will not be reissued.  The cards are to be treated as if they are cash.  AeroClass Points do not have an expiration date.

If your Account is inactive for more than two (2) years, your AeroClass Points will be automatically donated to a charity and your Account will be closed.  The inactivity time period will start on the day of the last transaction plus one day.  A gift card will automatically be issued if you do not redeem your AeroClass Points by November 30th of each calendar year and your AeroClass Points have reached a level to issue a $100 gift card.

Program Changes and Termination

Shell Aviation may, in its discretion, change the Terms and Conditions and/or any other rules governing the Program, including those relating to the accrual, use and benefits of AeroClass Points, at any time with or without notice.  This means, among other things, that the accumulation of AeroClass Points in connection with purchases of the Product or otherwise in conjunction with the Program does not entitle you to any vested rights with respect to such points.  Any potential benefit or Reward offered pursuant to the Program may be withdrawn or subject to new restrictions at any time. 

All Rewards, discounts and other benefits available through redemption of AeroClass Points or otherwise in connection with the Program are subject to availability.  Shell Aviation reserves the right to eliminate, add, change or substitute participating vendors without notice.  Shell Aviation may in its discretion change the selection of available Rewards, or stop offering any particular Reward, at any time.  In the event a Reward is unavailable after the Reward is ordered in a redemption transaction, your only remedy will be for the appropriate number of AeroClass Points to be restored to your account.

Shell Aviation reserves the right to end the Program upon ninety (90) days’ notice.  AeroClass Points not redeemed or otherwise used as of the termination date of the Program will be forfeited.

Violation of Terms and Conditions

Shell Aviation has the right to monitor all activities relating to your participation in the Program.  If required by applicable law or if you violate any of these Terms and Conditions or the terms and conditions of an offer related to the Program or otherwise improperly interfere or tamper with the operation of the Program, Shell Aviation may disable your Account and refuse to register past purchases of the Product. 

If your Account is disabled, please call Customer Service at 252-633-0066.  If your Account usage shows signs of fraud, abuse or suspicious activity, Shell Aviation may close your Account and/or rescind any AeroClass Points.  If you have engaged in any fraudulent activity, Shell Aviation reserves the right to take legal action.  In addition, you may be liable for monetary losses to Shell Aviation and/or any third party vendors, including litigation costs and damages, and you will not be allowed to participate in the Program in the future.


Shell Aviation reserves the right to correct the record of AeroClass Points in your Account if Shell Aviation believes that a clerical, billing or accounting error has occurred. 

If you have questions regarding your transaction history or any correction, or if you dispute any calculation of AeroClass Points, please call Customer Service at 252-633-0066. 

You must provide Shell Aviation with notice of any error within sixty (60) days of the transaction in question. 

Shell Aviation, and if applicable a third party vendor, will conduct an investigation and communicate the results and correct any error that Shell Aviation verifies as soon as the investigation is finished. 

If no error was found, Shell Aviation will provide to you an explanation. 

Please monitor your transactions and Account closely. 

In the event of an error, your exclusive remedy will be the crediting of the AeroClass Points in question or such other alternative comparable benefit as determined by Shell Aviation, which will have no additional liability whatsoever.

Applicable Laws; Non-Liability; Taxes

Shell Aviation makes no guarantees, warranties or representations of any kind concerning the Program or any Rewards.  Accrual and redemption of AeroClass Points are void where prohibited by applicable federal, state or local laws or regulations and are subject to change as may be necessary to comply with such laws or regulations. 

Shell Aviation will have no liability for any delay in or failure of delivery of goods or services, whether by Shell Aviation or by a third party, relating to your redemption of AeroClass Points. 

By participating in the Program, you release Shell Aviation from all claims and liability of any kind regarding the accrual, crediting and/or use of AeroClass Points, the receipt or use of any Reward, or otherwise arising from or in connection with the Program. 

Although Shell Aviation, as coordinator of third party vendors who participate in the Program, has made every effort to verify the accuracy of the information provided by third parties, Shell Aviation makes no warranty, express or implied, with respect to the Rewards or any other benefits, products or services that may be offered through the Program or information provided to you by third party product and service providers. 

Shell Aviation has no liability for any products or services provided to you by third parties, or for any errors or omissions in any materials supplied to you by the third parties or for any failure by any product or service provider to honor any applicable discount.

In no event will Shell Aviation or any third party vendor be liable to you, or anyone claiming through you, for any direct, indirect or consequential damages, or lost revenue or profits, arising out of the acts or omissions of Shell Aviation or any third party vendor in connection with the Program.

You are solely responsible for any taxes, including sales tax, associated with accrual or use of AeroClass Points or otherwise arising out of your participation in the Program, unless otherwise disclosed in advance.

Only the individual in whose name an Account is registered (or an authorized representative, in the event the Account holder is a corporation or other entity) will be entitled to access that Account.  However, Shell Aviation complies with court orders and subpoenas and cooperates with investigations by state and federal agencies.  If requested by such authorities, your Account information may be shared with others with or without your knowledge or consent. 

These Terms and Conditions will be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the State of Texas, without application of conflict of laws rules.  Headings in these Terms and Conditions are inserted for convenience only and in no way alter, amend, modify, limit or restrict the terms of your participation in the Program or your obligations under these Terms and Conditions.

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