Plane flying in winter weather

25 seconds faster even at cold startup

AeroShell Oil W15W-50 provides essential lubrication and protection 25 seconds faster than competitors, even in low temperatures. This helps to prevent wear in your engine during cold start up especially in winter.

Is your current oil as quick as AeroShell?

Plane taking off in winter weather

Stay protected for the winter

Engine protection shouldn’t stop even if your aircraft flies less. AeroShell W15W-50 is designed to fully protect your engine even when it’s not running. Its extra anti-wear and anti-corrosion additives, coupled with ashless dispersants, ensure that your engine is fully protected during the winter months. 

Are your engines protected during the winter?

AeroShell W15W50 cold-protection oil for winter weather

Reduced maintenance time. More time in the air.

The increased protection from a high-quality oil will have many benefits for you and your engine. AeroShell W15W-50 improves the operational efficiency of your engine by providing enhanced protection during low temperatures, which reduces maintenance time and costs, and increases the time between overhauls. 

Could you benefit from an all year-round protection?

Want to ensure your engine is protected over the winter?

AeroShell Oil W15W-50 is a semi-synthetic piston engine oil that works harder in challenging conditions to protect your engine all year round, even while it’s dormant. That’s why our trusted portfolio of hardworking piston engine oils, like AeroShell W80 and AeroShell W80 Plus, offer aircraft owners, flight schools and pilots peace of mind throughout the winter months.

With AeroShell’s experience spanning over a century and overcoming various aviation challenges, you can be sure you’re getting the best protection available with our SAE fully approved oils.