The result? Multiple parts within the aircrafts move at high speeds, forcing the pistons to travel up and down 30 to 40 times per second. This generates extremely high temperatures inside the cylinders, putting extreme pressure on the piston engine oil.

For Vic Norman, the Founder of AeroSuperBatics, safety has always been at the heart of his business.

“AeroSuperBatics is all about staying safe and being as careful as possible – it is for that reason we chose Shell. Shell is a best-in-class brand that has the heritage, the technical ability, safety and reliability that gives us absolute confidence in our aircraft and our engines.

"Even when our planes have run for 1,300 hours and are near the end of their lives, our engineers are surprised at the excellent conditions our engines are in – this is good news for us as it ends up costing less on our overhauls.”

Watch the video below to find out how AeroShell lubricants help look after their aircrafts’ engines all year round and why they rely on their protection and performance.