High quality lubricants play a vital role in keeping aircraft engines maintained all year round. We interviewed Olivier Procès, Regional Technical Manager for EMEA to find out why pilots trust AeroShell to deliver the protection and performance needed by customers all over the world.

Olivier has always been passionate about aviation and worked for many years in in the airline industry before he began his career at Shell 13 years ago. His unusual background means he sees the industry from both sides, as a technical expert at the heart of innovation in the industry and also as a pilot taking to the sky using AeroShell.

He says: “As a pilot, safety is my number one priority. As I fly with a single engine aircraft it is incredibly important to look after my engine and AeroShell provides the number one product range for my needs. It is approved by aviation authorities around the world and I know it helps to reduce any risk of engine failure. Life is one of the most precious things. Lubricants in the engine are like the blood that pumps around your heart.”

Customers such as the Aero-Motion Flying School in Namur, Belgium, featured in the video, tell of how they use AeroShell’s comprehensive range of aviation lubricants to help look after their aircrafts’ engines all year round. Their different aircraft models cater for aviation enthusiasts, students, experienced pilots, first time flyers, aerial photographers and even aerial stunt artists, meaning that they rely on the protection and performance delivered by AeroShell.

Watch the video below to hear from our passionate expert Olivier Procès: