AeroShell Oil Sport PLUS 4

AeroShell Oil Sport Plus 4 has been especially developed in conjunction with major engine manufacturers to satisfy the specific demands of the small, 4 cycle piston engines used in the light aviation sector, which have previously relied on automotive lubricants.

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AeroShell Oils 65*, 80, 100 and 120

AeroShell (straight mineral) Oils are available in four different viscosity grades (SAE 30, 40, 50 and 60). They are blended from selected high viscosity index base stocks and contain a minimum quantity of additives. These oils are especially appropriate during the break-in period of most new or recently overhauled four-stroke aircraft piston engines.

*Available in Americas only

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AeroShell Oils W80, W100 and W120

AeroShell 'W' (ashless dispersant) Oils were the first aviation piston engine lubricants to be formulated with non-metallic dispersant additives. They provide exceptional lubricant performance and help avoid the build up of metallic ash residues on critical engine components. These oils are intended for use in a wide range of four-stroke aircraft piston engines, including fuel injected and turbocharged variants.

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AeroShell Oil W 80 Plus and W 100 Plus

AeroShell Oil W 80 Plus and W 100 Plus are Shell´s best single-grade aviation piston engine oils. They can help to prolong engine life combining the AeroShell Oil W range´s advanced ashless dispersant performance with the extra anti-wear and anti-corrosion additive package of AeroShell Oil W 15W-50.

AeroShell Oil W 80 Plus and W 100 Plus offer outstanding single-grade resistance to heat and, together, they provide the protection you need to fly all year round. Their advanced additive packages provides added protection against rusting that may occur when an aircraft is not in regular use. The oils also contain extra anti-wear additives that can reduce damage during start-up, which is when 80% of metal-on-metal engine wear is believed to take place.

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AeroShell Oil W 15 W 50

Aeroshell Oil W 15 W 50 is a premium semi-synthetic multigrade ashless dispersant oil specifically developed for aviation piston engines. AeroShell Oil W 15 W 50 is a special blend of a high quality mineral oil and synthetic hydrocarbons with an advanced additive package that has been specifically formulated for multigrade applications.

The combination of non-metallic anti-wear additives and selected high viscosity index mineral and synthetic base oils, give exceptional stability, dispersancy and anti-foaming performance. The advanced additive package in AeroShell W 15 W 50 provides excellent protection to engines operating at extreme ambient temperatures. The ashless anti-wear additive package provides exceptional wear protection for camshafts and lifters and other wearing surfaces.

AeroShell W 15 W 50 has become very popular amongst engine manufacturers and operators alike. In order to cater for those Lycoming engines that need improved load carrying, the Lycoming LW 16702 antiwear additive has been incorporated into the formulation thus eliminating the need for supplemental additive addition.

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AeroShell Oil Diesel Ultra

AeroShell Oil Diesel Ultra is a fully synthetic, multigrade engine oil designed for use in the new generation of compression ignition (Diesel) Aviation Piston Engines.  The formulation has been selected to be suitable in piston engines fuelled by Jet A or Jet A-1 and is designed for use in the latest highly rated turbocharged diesel engines under all operating conditions.  AeroShell Oil Diesel Ultra must not be used in spark ignition, or Avgas powered aircraft engines.

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