Benefits of using Shell lubricants*

Shell has been a pioneer in aviation fuels and lubricants for over a century. Generations of pilots have trusted our AeroShell products in their aircraft. The engine and oil technology have changed, but our commitment to pilots remains the same.

We are constantly working to improve our products for existing-technology engines and working with engine manufacturers to develop new products. From straight mineral break-in oils to synthetic multi-grade oils, we have all the lubricants and fluids you need.

The benefits of AeroShell lubricants include:

  • Protects your aircraft: AeroShell’s comprehensive range of piston engine oils, greases, fluids, and preservatives have had thousands of hours of tests, proving that they’re a reliable choice for protecting your aircraft. Our greases help to reduce corrosion and wear on aircraft parts better than other greases of the same standard.
  • Ensures availability of your aircraft: If your aircraft parts are protected with AeroShell lubricants then this might save you time and money on maintenance work, improving your piston engine aircraft’s availability.
  • Helps retain your aircraft’s value: Using AeroShell lubricants to protect your aircraft parts and keep them in good condition will help you preserve your piston engine aircraft’s value if you decide to sell.

AeroShell has been trusted by generations of pilots in protecting and preserving their piston engine aircraft. We constantly work with engine manufacturers to develop and improve our products for existing-technology engines. We also offer helpful and authoritative technical support, so it is no wonder that the AeroShell range is used extensively in the aviation lubricants market worldwide.

For piston engine aircraft, the following AeroShell products are most recommended:

Piston engine aircraft lubricant products

  • AeroShell Single Grade Oil

    AeroShell Single Grade Break-in Oil

    Recommended use: Selecting correct viscosity for recommended temperature range

    Benefits: AeroShell Break-in oils are straight mineral oils blended from selected high viscosity index base oils. These oils do not contain any additives except for very small amounts of pour point depressant and an anti-oxidant. They are approved when the use of an oil not containing a dispersant additive is required.

    Specifications: SAE J-1966

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  • AeroShell Single Grade Ashless Dispersant Oil

    AeroShell Single Grade Ashless Dispersant Oil

    Benefits: AeroShell ashless dispersant oils are specifically developed for aviation piston engines. They combine non-metallic additives with selected high viscosity index base oils to give exceptional stability and anti-foaming performance.

    Specifications: SAE J-1899

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  • AeroShell Premium Single Grade Aviation Oil

    AeroShell Premium Single Grade Aviation Oil

    Benefits: AeroShell Plus Oils have single grade, ashless dispersant performance and anti-wear/anti-corrosion additives which meets the Lycoming LW 16702 requirement and US Federal Aviation Authority Airworthiness directive 80-04-03.

    Specifications: SAE J-1899

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  • AeroShell Oil W15W-50

    AeroShell Oil W15W-50

    Recommended use: Engines operating in wide ambient temperature range


    • Semi-synthetic ashless dispersant multi-grade oil
    • Anti-wear and anti-corrosion additive package

    Specifications: SAE J-1899 multi-grade oil

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  • AeroShell Sport Plus 4

    AeroShell Sport Plus 4

    Recommended use: Rotax 912 and 914 series engines


    • High thermal stability
    • Advanced anti-rust and anti-wear package
    • Better cold flow characteristics

    Specifications: Rotax RON 424

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  • AeroShell Diesel Ultra

    AeroShell Diesel Ultra

    Recommended use: Former Thielert/Centurion current Continental Diesel 1.7 and 2.0, Austro Engine AE300 and SMA SR305-230E engines

    Benefits: Fully synthetic with a unique additive package to provide superior cleanliness and protects engine from scuffing damage

    Specifications: Meets specifications ACEA A3/B4 and API SL/CF

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*For more information, please refer to the AeroShell eBook

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