Benefits of using Shell lubricants*

  • Protects your aircraft: Shell offers a comprehensive range of lubricant products to help maintain your large jets. In fact, many mixed aircraft fleet operators in need of turbine engine oils have found it helpful to select a single oil, such as ASTO 560 or AeroShell Ascender. Choosing our range to cover all your requirements keeps things simple, reduces costs and makes it less likely you’ll use the wrong product.
  • Improves reliability of your aircraft: Our turbine engine oil, AeroShell Ascender, helps improve your aircraft’s reliability by getting the ideal balance between low coking and elastomer compatibility.
  • Ensures your aircraft is available: As Shell products improve your large jet’s reliability, they’ll help to keep it flying and reduce the need for downtime.
  • Reduces wear and maintenance costs: With AeroShell lubricants protecting your aircraft parts, and reducing wear and corrosion, you’ll save money on maintenance costs.
  • Helps improve performance: Our products have been developed and tested to improve your aircraft’s performance. AeroShell Ascender raises the bar for high-performance turbine oils as it’s the first civil turbine oil to meet the SAE AS 5780A specification, and it’s designed for jet engines dealing with hotter conditions and longer times between maintenance.

In the Commercial Aviation industry, safety and efficiency are always the top priorities. Managing and maintaining a huge fleet of commercial jets can be very costly. AeroShell offer a comprehensive range of products that can help aircraft operators and maintenance organisations reduce costs, simplify operations and remove the risk of incorrect product application. 

For large jets, the following AeroShell products are most recommended:

Large jet lubricant products

  • AeroShell Turbine Engine Oil 560

    AeroShell Turbine Engine Oil 560

    Recommended use: Turbofan engines


    • Reduced coking
    • Improved wear resistance
    • Elastomer seal compatibility

    Specifications: MIL-PRF-23699 high thermal stability grade

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  • AeroShell Ascender

    AeroShell Ascender

    Recommended use: Turbofan engines

    Benefits: Sets a new benchmark for turbine engine oil, it’s designed for the new generation of jet engines


    • MIL-PRF-23699 high thermal stability grade
    • SAE AS 5780 high performance capability grade

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  • AeroShell Turbine Engine Oil 390

    AeroShell Turbine Engine Oil 390

    Recommended use: APU

    Benefits: 3 centi-stoke oil for low-temperature performance to combat cold soak hung start in APU

    Specifications: DEF STAN 91-94

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  • AeroShell Grease 33

    AeroShell Grease 33

    Recommended use: Multi-purpose airframe grease


    • Best all-round airframe grease
    • Best water resistance and mechanical stability


    • MIL-PRF-23827
    • BMS 3-33
    • AMS 3052
    • AIMS 09-06-002

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  • AeroShell Grease 22

    AeroShell Grease 22

    Recommended use: Wheel bearing grease


    • Wide operating temperature
    • High bearing load capability


    • MIL-PRF-81322
    • DOD-G-24508

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*For more information, please refer to the AeroShell eBook

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