How AeroShell Turbine Engine Oils can be used in aero-derivative gas turbines

Some land and sea turbine engines are based on aero engines, which they retain the essential design elements from. That means they have similar lubrication requirements, so engine manufacturers approve the use of aircraft synthetic turbine oils in these engines.

An aero engine’s essential design features are its compact size and weight, but this places heavy demands on components and lubricants to ensure total reliability when facing the high temperatures that come with these engines.

Aviation-grade turbine oils have the characteristics required to provide the unit lubrication and cooling within these severe operating environments.

The ways AeroShell Turbine Engine Oils are used in land and marine industry

The use of aero-derivative gas turbines in industrial and marine applications has increased significantly throughout the world in recent years to meet operational flexibility and superior environmental performance requirements.

Such engines have found application in:

  • Electrical power generation. Especially in remote areas like offshore oil platforms, or for peak load management;
  • Large pumps and compressors. Especially in pipeline operation and petro-chemical process industries; and
  • Marine propulsion.

More on the AeroShell Turbine Engine Oil range

AeroShell Turbine Engine Oil 560

Made to withstand the hostile environments that many of today’s high-powered, high-compression engines face.

AeroShell Ascender

The ultimate turbine engine oil designed for the next generation of turbine engine technology. It offers low coking, high compatibility, and better performance.

AeroShell Turbine Engine Oil 500

Offering safety and reliability for older engines in need of a MIL-PRF-7808 oil. AeroShell Turbine Engine Oil 500 can be used in a range of turbine engines and many accessories.

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