PREMIUM Protection For Your Aircraft

Keeping your aircraft in first-class condition is important to you. The cost of using the best lubricants and fluids is relatively low compared with the benefits of ensuring your aircraft’s availability and preserving its value.

We have a comprehensive product range, which makes it easy for you to select the right oil, grease or fluid for your needs – for nose-to-tail and wingtip-to-wingtip protection.

PROVEN Product Performance

AeroShell products offer proven performance.

For example, in industry-standard tests, AeroShell Grease 33 provided better corrosion resistance1 and wear protection2 than MIL-PRF-23827C-specification competitors’ greases. This means that with AeroShell Grease 33 you can be confident that your aircraft is protected from corrosion and wear for longer component life and reduced maintenance costs.

1Modified ASTM D1743 test, 2ASTM D2509 test.


Shell Aviation has a full range of lubricants and fluids designed to protect your aircraft and keep it flying safely and efficiently, as the manufacturer intended:

AeroShell Turbine Engine Oils, such as AeroShell Turbine Oil 560 (ASTO 560).

ASTO 560 has over 25 years of proven performance.It is a third-generation, 5-cSt, synthetic hindered-ester lubricating oil designed to reduce coking and improve wear resistance for modern jet engines. It is formulated to cope with demanding operating conditions and to deliver the right balance of performance and cost efficiency.

AeroShell Greases, including AeroShell Grease 33,which is manufactured to exacting quality standards.

Explore aeroshell by aircraft type

Large Jets

Turbine engine oil changeover - Simple and safe, and can cut costs. Find out more.

Piston Engine Aircraft

Trusted for generations. Our commitment to pilots remains the same, which is why you can trust AeroShell.


Simplicity and Safety. Simplify your inventory and reduce the risk of incorrect product application. Find out how.

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Turbine Engine Oils (TEO)

Helps deliver the protection you need at a total cost-of-ownership that makes the case for changing to Shell.

Piston engine oil

Comprehensive range of Best-selling Piston Engine Oils that looks after your engine the way you look after your aircraft.


Airframe and wheel-bearing greases that sets the standards. Specially formulated to excel in wide-ranging applications.

Fluids and Preservatives

For reliability  in aircraft hydraulic systems, landing gear shock structs and getting you back in the air without costly remedial maintenance