Choose it for your civil or military aviation engine and accessories, or your industrial turbine engine.

Turbine Engine Oil 500 Features and Benefits

  • Outstanding high-temperature and oxidation stability;
  • High viscosity index synthetic base fluids maintain viscosity and help protect components;
  • Excellent load carrying properties;
  • Good low-volatility characteristics; and
  • Resistance to high-temperature corrosion of metals.

AeroShell Turbine Engine Oil 500 specifications

  • US – Approved MIL-PRF-23699G Grade STD, Approved SAE AS5780B Grade SPC
  • British – Approved DEF STAN 91-101 Grade OX-27
  • French – Equivalent DCSEA 299/A
  • NATO Code – O-156
  • Joint Service Designation – OX-27

To find out more about AeroShell Turbine Engine Oil 500, including its applications and general safety advice, see its Technical Data Sheet (TDS). Get all the information you need on AeroShell Turbine Engine Oil 500’s properties and hazards, as well as how to handle it safely by reading its Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS).

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