AeroShell Ascender delivers performance benefits in today’s existing high powered, high compression engines where the older generation of oils can be stressed up to and beyond their thermal limits, as evidenced by oil coking in the high temperature bearing areas.

Features and benefits of AeroShell Ascender

  • Excellent elastomer seal compatibility. You can use AeroShell Ascender and worry less about your seals swelling or degrading prematurely;
  • Low coking performance. There’s less chance of oil coke build-up in bearing chambers and service pipes. This means you’ll reduce your maintenance and cleaning costs;
  • Improved oxidation and thermal stability. Your oil will last longer during arduous engine conditions;
  • Excellent compatibility with other approved oils. Switch from another approved oil to AeroShell Ascender without any concerns and issues; and
  • A ‘high performance capability’ grade oil. AeroShell Ascender performs better than traditional ‘standard’ grade oils, which can reduce maintenance costs and extend engine life.

AeroShell Ascender specifications

  • US – Approved SAE AS5780B HPC Grade, Approved MIL-PRF-23699G HTS Grade
  • British – Equivalent DEF STAN 91-101
  • French – Equivalent DCSEA 299/A
  • NATO Code – O-154
  • Joint Service Designation – Equivalent OX-27

To learn about the applications of AeroShell Ascender and general advice for using it safely, read the Technical Data Sheet (TDS). Check the Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) information on health and safety and this turbine engine oil’s environmental impact.

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