Product Description

AeroShell Fluid 2F is a rust and corrosion preventive oil commonly used to preserve aircraft internal combustion engines.

The ashless anti-corrosion additive package and highly refined petroleum base oils help protect the engine by minimizing the effects of humidity and neutralizing the acidic components of engine oil oxidation and combustion by-products. Meets the requirements of MIL- C- 6529 Type II specifications for corrosion preventives for aircraft engines.


AeroShell Fluid 2F is normally used as a preservation grade engine oil for the internal preservation of engines or engine parts and accessories during moderate outdoor to long-term indoor storage periods.

This oil can also be used as a “flyaway” oil for reciprocating engines; however, Shell does not recommend that you fly an opposed engine more than 50 hours during the TBO cycle.

The engine to be preserved should be filled to normal capacity with AeroShell Fluid 2F and then run at the idle until the engine reaches normal operating temperature (approximately 10 -15 minutes).


MIL- C- 6529 Type II

For typical properties, handling and health & safety information, please see the appropriate Safety Data Sheet here.