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Testimonial from Sherpa Aircraft

It isn’t often that one gets the urge to send compliments to big corporations in this time of economic chaos. That is especially true if the recipient is a “Big Oil Company.”  In this particular case, a compliment is certainly well deserved and happily offered.

Approximately two years ago, a training exercise was being conducted in one of our company’s original single pilot front seat, five place Sherpa aircraft. During one of the practice landings the aircraft sustained an inadvertent propeller ground strike.

After a two year delay, we performed the standard tear down inspection required for such an event. What we found inside was absolutely amazing.

Our IO-720 eight cylinder Lycoming engine had accumulated 1880 hours of operation on a 2000 hour TBO engine in every kind of terrain imaginable including hundreds of dirt strips, stubble fields, rock and sandy beaches and high elevation off airport, home made landing strips.

The engine was operated without an oil filter and changed between fifty to eighty hours.

What came as a shock is evidenced in the images shown on this page.

Every part of the engine that was exposed internally to the engine operating oil was absolutely spotless. When we examined the oil sump it was if someone has run it through a steam cleaner. There was not one smear of sludge or carbon build to be found. The cylinders as well had little if any noticeable wear.

This engine was originally run with Aero Shell’s straight grade break in oil. For the balance of the operating hours the list of oils included a combination of AeroShell 15W-50 and Aero Shell W 100 Plus depending on the engine time and the outside air temperature.

No other oil company’s products were ever used in the engine.

It is with a great deal of pleasure that I personally applaud the Shell Oil Company for the quality of the oil Shell make available for the Aviation industry.

Glen Gordon
President Sherpa Aircraft 
Scappoose Oregon

These are some of the other images that were taken during the tear down inspection:

About Sherpa Aircraft

Sherpa Aircraft is based in Scappoose, Oregon and manufactures the famous Sherpa airplane.  This aircraft was named "Best in Show" at Oshkosh 2010.  To get an idea of the Sherpa, take a Super Cub, super size it, put in a Lycoming I0-720, 400 horsepower engine, seating for eight and voilà, you have the Sherpa!  It has been nicknamed "the Super Cub on steroids" and cruises at more than 200 mph!  For more information, please go to     

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