"We have boosted lubricating performance for our Boeing 747 Fleet with AeroShell Turbine Oil 560."

Manassanant Tantiprasongchai, Managing Director, Orient Thai Airlines Co., Ltd.

About Orient Thai Airlines

One of Thailand’s first budget airlines, Orient Thai Airlines, started operations in 1994. Headquartered in Bangkok, it operates scheduled and charter flights to seven destinations across Asia. The privately held airline has been using AeroShell Turbine Oil 560 (ASTO 560) in its fleet of Boeing 747 aircraft since 2008.


As a budget airline, one of Orient Thai Airlines’ key concerns was improving cost efficiency while maintaining a high level of engine performance. Thus, it needed to be able to service its fleet of aircraft with varying engine types and lubrication requirements with fewer lubricants, aiming to reduce oil consumption and bearing failure rates.


In 2008, Orient Thai Airlines conducted a changeover to ASTO 560 in strict accordance with the jet engine manufacturer’s maintenance manuals. Orient Thai Airlines has reported no oil leaks or seal problems in all engines (including JT9D-7Q, 7R4 and PW4056-3), due to ASTO 560’s excellent compatibility with other approved oils and engine oil seals.


Since the changeover to ASTO 560, Orient Thai Airlines has reported a reduction in engine bearing failures and oil coke deposits. This has helped extend the on-wing lifespan of the engines, resulting in reduced overhaul and maintenance costs to the airline. Orient Thai Airlines has also noticed a reduction in oil consumption rates and an overall improvement in engine performance, which has contributed to lower operating costs.

“Since the conversion to ASTO 560 in 2008, we have benefited from improved lubricating performance, lower coking and higher thermal stability without experiencing any oil-related problems or failures. In view of our experience with ASTO 560, we do not see any technical reason to change to another oil.”

Manassanant Tantiprasongchai, Managing Director, Orient Thai Airlines Co., Ltd.

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