Are you expected to know all the answers?

As new technologies and processes are tested and trialled, you can be sure Shell has an expert in that field ready to talk to you. We can share findings and discoveries from our laboratories and research facilities across the world, saving you the time and cost of setting up your own. Our doors are always open to you.

Technical Services Agreement

Aviation Technical Services

In aviation there’s always the potential for any small operational lapse to escalate into a full-blown crisis. Shell offers access to a global team of experts, for both fuels & lubricants services, who provide comprehensive technical support, after any event or in any situation. We provide fast access to technical experts in product quality and supply chain, when you need it.

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Aviation Centre of Excellence

Aviation Centre of Excellence

Shell Aviation offers a suite of services to support efficient and effective airport operations, from fuel supply security, to maintaining industry safety standards, to best practice management systems, and vehicle purchasing, to help you provide the highest levels of excellence.

US Duty Drawback

US Duty Drawback

Duty drawback is a complex process that we help simplify for you. We recover duties on crude oil and petroleum imports (to the United States) that can be matched to our exports. Then pass on incentives to our airline customers to participate in the scheme.

AeroShell Lubricants Helpdesk

AeroShell Lubricants Helpdesk

Our AeroShell experts offer broad technical advice for keeping your aircraft in the very best condition. They have a distinguished history of developing products to the highest quality standards with OEM partners.

More in Aviation

More time flying

Every second your aircraft are on the ground they are not making money. That why we obsess about finding new and better ways to give our customers more time flying.

Supply & Risk

It is critical to your business to have an uninterrupted supply of the highest quality products at a competitive price, and we have the infrastructure and resources to give you peace of mind.

The future of energy

Balancing the needs of our industry with the needs of the planet will require bold new innovations, and Shell have already started working on initiatives.