Working together to scale sustainable fuel production

Sustainable aviation fuel (SAF), made from waste and renewable sources, is seen as one of the most promising ways for the aviation industry to cut emissions. Shell is working with partners from right across the industry and all around the world to accelerate SAF production and use today.

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Powering the world’s first scheduled flight with synthetic kerosene

Synthetic kerosene, produced by combining captured carbon with hydrogen made from water and renewable power, could have the potential to play a major role in decarbonising aviation. Shell helped bring this prospect closer in 2021 by partnering with KLM and the Dutch Government on the first flight to be powered by this exciting fuel of the future.

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Paving the way for sustainable fuels

Shell and Qatar Airways team up for the first passenger flight using certified synthetic fuel.

Helping airports go electric

Roll out of electric pump refuelling trucks helps avoid emissions on the ground.

Sustainable aviation fuel for Amazon

Shell and World Energy provide Amazon Air with sustainable aviation fuel in one of the largest supply deals to date.

Decarbonising Aviation: Cleared for Take-off

Our new report, produced with Deloitte, reflects views from right across the aviation industry on the obstacles the sector faces and provides a clear pathway for the sector to accelerate progress towards net-zero emissions.

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Work with us today for a low carbon future

Shell has supported the pioneers of aviation for over 100 years. Share your challenge and let’s work together today for a sustainable tomorrow.

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100 years of going beyond

Since the birth of aviation, Shell has supported innovators and pioneers, helping bring progress and opportunities to people and communities the world over.