Blériot’s dream becomes reality

One of aviation’s first major challenges was to fly non-stop across the English Channel. This feat was first achieved by Frenchman Louis Blériot on 25 July 1909, with fuel supplied by Shell.

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Amazing Amy Johnson

The fantastic achievement of Amy Johnson to become the first female pilot to fly solo from England to Australia in 1930 is an inspiration to aviators of all generations. Shell was with her every mile of the way.

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Airmail is born

The world’s first scheduled airmail flight.

Non-stop across the Atlantic

Alcock and Brown conquer The Atlantic.

The great trans-planet air race

Record-breaking first flight from UK to Australia.

Flying around the world

Aviators compete to be first to circumnavigate the globe by air.

Every drop counts

Lena Bernstein breaks the world non-stop flying record.

Decarbonising Aviation: Cleared for Take-off

Our new report, produced with Deloitte, reflects views from right across the aviation industry on the obstacles the sector faces and provides a clear pathway for the sector to accelerate progress towards net-zero emissions.

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Work with us today for a low carbon future

Shell has supported the pioneers of aviation for over 100 years. Share your challenge and let’s work together today for a sustainable tomorrow.

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100 years of going beyond

Since the birth of aviation, Shell has supported innovators and pioneers, helping bring progress and opportunities to people and communities the world over.