In April 2020 Shell updated investors on its ambition to become a net-zero emissions energy business by 2050 or sooner. We will do this in step with society. Shell aims to reduce the Net Carbon Footprint of the energy products we sell to our customers by around 65% by 2050 and by around 30% by 2035. Shell Aviation is aligned with this ambition.

Shell Aviation’s carbon management strategy aims to help our customers decarbonise by avoiding emissions on the ground, reducing emissions principally through the use of Sustainable Aviation Fuel, and offsetting emissions through the use of carbon credits, specifically nature-based solutions. Shell Aviation plays many different roles in this strategy; a fuel supplier (renewable and conventional), a technology partner, and proponent of energy solutions for airports. 

We actively collaborate across the industry to deliver more sustainable solutions for aviation. Examples include our work with World Energy, SkyNRG, Amazon Air, at San Francisco Airport and Stuttgart Airport. Shell Aviation is proud to be a member of “The Clean Skies for Tomorrow Coalition” and the UK government's Jet Zero Council. 


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We're proud to have helped drive aviation progress through collaboration with some of the industry's greatest visionaries, for over a 110 years.

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Flightpath: Exploring the Future of Aviation

Flightpath: Exploring the Future of Aviation

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More time flying

More time flying

Every second your aircraft are on the ground they are not making money. That why we obsess about finding new and better ways to give our customers more time flying.

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Supply & Risk

It is critical to your business to have an uninterrupted supply of the highest quality products at a competitive price, and we have the infrastructure and resources to give you peace of mind.

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Access to experts

As new technologies and processes are tested and trailed, you can guarantee Shell has an expert in that field ready to talk to you. To speak to one of our experts, or to find out more on our consultancy services click here.

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The future of energy

The future of energy

Balancing the needs of our industry with the needs of the planet will require bold new innovations, and Shell have already started working on initiatives.

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Latest News and Highlights

Etihad Airways boosts its carbon offset programme in collaboration with Shell

The nature-based offsets, purchased from Shell, make Etihad’s efforts geographically diverse in the promotion of climate action.

Setting a flightpath to net-zero emissions in turbulent conditions

As the aviation sector plots a course for recovery from the Covid-19 pandemic, it must renew its focus on reducing emissions.

Shell to supply DHL Express with sustainable aviation fuel at Schiphol Airport

DHL Express to fly on sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) for the first time from Schiphol Amsterdam Airport.

Shell Aviation and SkyNRG supply sustainable aviation fuel, produced by World Energy, to Rolls-Royce for use in next generation engine demonstrator tests

Ground tests with 100% Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) aim to demonstrate Rolls-Royce engines can unlock SAF’s potential to reduce emissions.