Nissan and Valencia

Now in its third season as Official Partner to the Nissan e.dams team, Shell is pleased to be actively working with the race team to analyse and showcase the benefits that specifically designed EV transmission fluids can play within the team’s new Formula E powertrain. This transmission fluid has been tested in close collaboration with Nissan’s powertrain development to ensure we are delivering the maximum performance and efficiency to the team, even in the conditions of Formula E competition.

The purpose of Shell’s involvement in motorsport is to leverage the racetrack as a test bed for its innovations and technologies, transferring this knowledge from the extreme environment of racing can help to optimise Shell’s road-going products, including its range of e-transmission fluids.

Shell E-Fluids

The e-transmission fluid has been specifically designed and developed to work within Nissan’s new powertrain featuring upgraded hardware and software, with the overall aim to improve the performance of the Nissan e.dams Gen2 Formula E race car.

The new-for-season-seven Nissan powertrain, racing for the first time in Monaco, is the team’s second all-new Gen2 powertrain. The more powerful Gen2 Formula E race cars first took to the track in season five of the championship and feature high-performance 250-kilowatt batteries and motors. The Nissan e.dams race car can sprint to 100 kph in just 2.8 secs and has a top speed of 280 kph.

Shell and Nissan e.dams began their journey together in November 2018, to highlight and advance the important role Shell is playing to improve the driving experience for EV drivers and make them more attractive to general motorists with E-Mobility recognised as one of the solutions that will help meet growing demand for transport in a lower-carbon world.

Nissan and Diriyah

With a robust 100-year heritage across multiple motor sports, Shell is proud to be in partnership with Nissan e.dams in Formula E, as an important platform to communicate and advance its target to become a net-zero emissions energy business by 2050 , in step with society, working to offer customers more, lower-carbon products, from renewable electricity to hydrogen. This is aligned with Nissan’s own pledge to achieve carbon neutrality across the company’s operations and the life cycle of its products by 2050. Shell’s partnership with Nissan in Formula E unites the experience and technical know-how of both organisations to continue powering progress together towards a more sustainable future.

  • Selda Gunsel, Shell VP Lubricants Technology

    “In Nissan, Shell has united with a global pioneer in the development of electric mobility solutions, who share the same desire to deliver technological innovations from the racetrack to the road, as we transition to a lower-carbon future, we both see Formula E as a rich territory for the innovation of E-Mobility technologies that all EV drivers can benefit from, including our Shell E-Fluids range that is designed to protect passenger EVs against electric motor corrosion, improve range through increased transmission efficiency, and enhance the charging process via efficient thermal management.”
    Selda Gunsel, Shell VP Lubricants Technology.

  • Steve Reindl, Shell VP for Global Key Accounts

    “The ongoing development of specialised E-Fluids and lubricants signifies the profound shift the automotive industry is going through, with many customers relying on Shell to meet the technical requirements placed on reliable E-Fluids in electrified drivetrains as hybrids and EVs continue to deliver a higher level of performance.”
    Steve Reindl, Shell VP for Global Key Accounts

  • Tommaso Volpe, Nissan’s global motorsport director

    “Shell is a key partner for our Formula E race team, as we race into the third season of our partnership, we continue to rely on them to innovate with us as we strive together to improve our competitiveness at every race. It is crucial that we maximise the performance and longevity of our new Formula E Gen2 powertrain through efficient lubrication and cooling, and Shell’s bespoke E-Fluids are designed specifically for the extremes of racing. Of course, for Nissan as a global pioneer in EV production, we seek the same high-performance lubrication, cooling and longevity for our electric road car powertrains.”
    Tommaso Volpe, Nissan’s global motorsport director

  • Gregory Driot, Nissan e.dams co-team principal

    “Formula E is a sport that thrives on innovation and technical advancement, and as a team we are constantly looking ahead, searching for yet more speed and efficiency, with the wealth of motorsports experience and racing heritage that we see across the Formula E grid today, the competition in the sport is tougher than ever. Every team here is pushing hard for performance, so we rely on Shell’s E-Fluids expertise.”
    Gregory Driot, Nissan e.dams co-team principal

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